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Sequoia Newland And The Redwood Revolvers


Sequoia Newland and the Redwood Revolvers are a self branded Kansas City country band. They get their roots from a variety of music to include Blues, Southern Rock and traditional Country music. 

Sequoia Newland is the lead singer of the Redwood revolvers and started the band after years of solo and duo acoustic acts along side drummer and band manager, Jacob McDonald. 

Through the years they gained their claim of fame by branding themselves as some of the hardest working musicians in Kansas City. 

In 2021 the acoustic Duo played over 180 shows all while holding full time jobs. 

It became a mission of Sequoia’s to showcase his songwriting skills and inspire as many people as possible.

In 2022 The Redwood revolvers made their full band  debut at Guitars and Cadillacs in Overland Park Ks. 

Sequoia adds “it’s really been a mission of mine to hone in our skills as a band and showcase all of our unique genres and talents. I no longer wanted to be just the solo guy on stage with a guitar.” 

Recent success on their single “Raised Rank” has opened up the door of opportunity to tour as a band and play Rodeos all across the nation. 

The song is set to hit one million streams on all streaming platforms in only 6 months of its existence. 

“Small numbers for most big names in the business but huge for small town kids like ourselves.” Sequoia adds.

“All we really want to do is inspire the next generation of artist and express ourselves in the way we see fit. Music to some is just noise, to us it’s a way of life.”

Sequoia Newland picked up the guitar for the first time in 2015 at the age of 21, while stationed overseas in yokosuka japan.

A year later, the country music singer songwriter from Kansas City, Missouri quickly found a strong passion for performing live music. 

Sequoia was asked to come sing on stage in 2016 with country music superstar Chase Rice while attending a live show on Naval Base Yokosuka.

At the age of 26 Sequoia had started playing live shows all across the Kansas City Metro area when suddenly his career as a musician had come to a screeching halt while injured at work.

Sequoia had a partial amputation of his ring finger on his left hand in 2019 and the doctors told him he wouldn't be able to play the guitar for at least a year. but his dedication and determination allowed him to get back on stage in as little as 2 months. 

Sequoia gives credit to his friends and family for pushing him to continue to play and not giving up on his dreams.


Sequoia's biggest influences in the music industry are Waylon Jennings, Lynard Skynard, Luke Combs, and Muscadine Bloodline.

Sequoia Newland is a Nashville recording artist and has 12 songs available on all major streaming platforms and 4 songs on top 50 radio stations.

Currently Sequoia Newland and his band The Redwood revolvers are touring all across the Midwest and have multiple shows scheduled in Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota.

To catch Sequoia Newland And The Redwood Revolvers Live click the home page button or find them on all social media links for tour dates and times. 

You can also find their recorded work on all streaming platforms to include, Spotify, I-Tunes, Apple Music, YouTube ETC. 

Press Photos

What Dreams are made of - PBR Big Sky KC - 04/21/23

Energy is key!

Sequoia Newland and drummer Jake McDonald enjoying a day on the lake shooting a music video for “Have A Drink” 

PBR Big Sky KC - 04/21/23

Sequoia Newland and his devoted followers on a scorching hot summer day 

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